This website houses the studies and observations regarding an extremely subtle non-astronomical cycle (Tzolkin cycle) that was discovered thousands of years ago in Mesoamerica. The coded calendar that was used to track this cycle has baffled academia since its discovery. The legendary lore around this mysterious calendar (Tzolkin calendar)  has been relegated to the realms of cultural invention by academia, since according to them it has no basis in observable phenomena.

Please understand that no other culture, save those from Mesoamerica, has even an inkling of what a non-astronomical cycle is. The world at large therefore has no concept of such phenomena and the information and lore that exists today only serves to confound matters.

In late 1999 I began tracking an obscure lineage of the Tzolkin cycle calendar for self-verification purposes, as I found that the stories associated with the Tzolkin calendar were very intriguing.  I am not one to accept unverified or uncorroborated claims about the nature of reality without evidence so I sought out to test the claims associated with the Tzolkin calendar for myself.  Thus far I have spent 20 years tracking the Tzolkin cycle and I have been astonished by what I have discovered!

I have come to learn via my own empirical studies and daily observations that the legendary lore behind the Tzolkin Calendar are true and the implications of my findings are nothing less than astounding!

In brief I have come to understand the Tzolkin cycle as a deep order cosmic process that seems to be generating our reality far and near. “By near”, I mean what we observe and perceive on a daily basis and, “by far”I mean that this process begins somewhere at the sub-atomic scale. This is going to sound incomprehensible to most unless you are familiar with the computational model of the universe (CMOTU). In brief that scientific model states that the universe can be likened to a computer and that the fundamental strata of the universe is not particles but rather information and information processing.

And if the universe functions like computer then it must also operate according to some sort of code language in the same way that computers and genetics do.  My findings compel me to say that my work confirms the validity of the CMOTU and that the Tzolkin calendar code is in actuality a codification of the cosmic code language at the heart of our reality generating universe. 

To learn just how vast and pervasive this discovery is please request a free copy of my exposition and tutorial on the Tzolkin cycle and code. My book shows you how to track the Tzolkin cycle and how to verify it for yourself.


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Sample pages from the Exposition and Tutorial on Tzolkin Cosmology.

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Relating TC to other Comologies 4

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The axioms of Tzolkin Cosmology were derived from my the results of
my studies and observations over course of the last 18 years.

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  1. Rohaan, I am awestruck by the richness your book ‘intro Tzolkin Cosmology’! Baffled to see my personal symbol. The first attached image appeared in my head decades ago, and keeps popping up in patterns I see around me and in the unlikeliest places. And the second image is woven into Transform Algorithm Cooley-Tukey, which does….LENSlike (holographic) processes.

    My idea is that this kind of fractal wiring is a model how brain cells are connected to correlate (simple multiplication). The contribution I made is to transpose this kind of wiring to connecting people in social networks! (creating collective intelligence). I can be invited to lecture and explain this powerful idea, (emergent culture) next evolutionary step of mankind.

    Jaap Van Till
    Professor Emeritus
    Chief Scientist at Tildro Research

    • Rohaan Solare

      Jaap, thank you for your appreciation! Yes, the first image resembles some of the images presented on pages 34 and 35, including the image created by darkened cells on the Tzolkin chart. The second image refers to an algorithmic process and that is what the Tzolkin code maps at its most fundamental level.
      Konrad Zuse, creator of the first programmable computer, put forth the algorithmic model of the Universe. It is now known as the digital physics or computational model of the universe. TC is best understood as via those models.

  2. Medb Twomey

    Rohaan, I’ve been looking at the tutorial and doing some background research on Tzolkin. It takes time to make an informed view. There is many interpretations of Tzolkin Cosmology, with many different understandings given on different websites, and also a lack of referencing as to the source of knowledge on the websites.

    What makes your understanding the Tzolkin the correct way of understanding the code to the universe?

    My head was spinning last night wondering about how Mayans kept time, and how that time keeping might have shaped their subjectivities. The Mayans had the seasonal year, the long count, and then the Tzolkin daily cycles, as I’m sure you know. Would the Tzolkin be to the Mayans, what astrology is to the West and China, except non-astronomically based?

    • Rohaan Solare

      Medb, First a clarification about TC. Before the publication of ‘Introducing Tzolkin Cosmology’ and the formal launch of TzolkinCosmology.com there existed only speculation, confabulation, hearsay, and lore about the Tzolkin calendar. “Tzolkin Cosmology” is something that I have founded and formulated.

      You ask,

      “What makes your understanding the Tzolkin the correct way of understanding the code to the universe?”

      My description of the Tzolkin is based on the scientific method, meaning that the claims I make about the Tzolkin are based on empiricism.
      I present my methods, offer evidence, and I show how anyone can validate/invalidate my claims. One needn’t be a scientist to test my claims and that is one reason why I refer to TC as holistic cosmology.

      TC possesses a complete, coherent, and testable systems architecture. That’s why I can put it forth as a cosmology. Everything else in print or on the web is at best a set of speculations and opinions. I have yet to come across any content that even remotely describes the Tzolkin the way I do.

      You said..-

      “My head was spinning last night wondering about how Mayans kept time, and how that time keeping might have shaped their subjectivities?”

      The Maya understood time as movement. I define time as “ordered movement”. Mammalian brains are exceedingly preoccupied with detecting movement. Tracking movement is not a subjective task.

      The Ancient Maya are universally acknowledged as the most adept astronomers/calendricists of the pre-telescope age. In other words, their observations are only improved upon with modern technology.

      In answer to your last question yes, the Tzolkin calendar was regarded as a divinatory and astrological device, but I use the following analogy to contrast TC to all other astrological/divinatory systems.

      If the Tzolkin cycle is the equivalent of the Universe’s central processing unit (cosmically scaled super-computer CPU) then all other astrological/divinatory systems are the equivalent of an abacus that sometimes works, but most times does not. Thank you for your carefully thought out questions.

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