Toward a Holistic and Universal Worldview

Tzolkin Cosmology as Prime Candidate for a Holistic Cosmology

486062_575408872476901_1381382164_nThis article introduces you to the socio-cultural and philosophical implications of what is meant by a holistic cosmology.

What is Cosmology
The Cosmos: the universe seen as a well-ordered whole; from the Greek word kosmos ‘order, ornament, world, or universe’, so called by Pythagoras and his disciples from their view of its perfect order and arrangement.

Cosmology: the study of the order of the universe.

A physical cosmology as defined by the sciences seeks to understand and explain the laws, forces, origin, composition, functions, interactions, and developmental dynamics of the universe.

A mythosophical cosmology as used within the context of religion, spirituality, myth and philosophy seeks to understand and explain the laws, origin, composition, functions, interactions, and developmental dynamics of the human socio-cultural universe within the context of the physical universe.

I’ve coined the word mythosophical from the merger of mythology and philosophy.  Myths and legends are metaphoralized stories of major events, cosmic and earthly forces and life processes.  The purpose of mythology is outlined by Joseph Campbell’s 4 Functions of myth.

The Four Functions of MYTH:

1. The first is the mystical function – realizing what a wonder the universe is, and what a wonder you are, and experiencing awe before this mystery.

2. The second is a cosmological dimension, the dimension with which science is concerned -showing you what the shape of the universe is, but showing it in such a way that the mystery again comes through.

3. The third function is the sociological one – supporting and validating a certain social order. And here’s where the myths vary enormously from place to place. It is this sociological function of myth that has taken over in our world, and it is out of date.

4. But there is a fourth function of myth, and this is the one that I think everyone must try today to relate to – and that is the pedagogical function, of how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances. Myths can teach you that.

A Holistic Cosmology would be a fusion of socially relevant physical sciences and universally valid mythosophical truths.

From the stand point of the lay person a holistic cosmology is supremely useful because it explains the everyday phenomenal world in everyday terms, and no special equipment is needed.

A holistic cosmology would incorporate and relate our knowledge of the scientific and mythosophical domains into a singular and viable planetary cosmovision.


The Planetary Mythos
Culture reflects the group’s cosmovision (cosmology-worldview) and vice versa. Thus far humanity can be described as a collection of competing ethnocentric interests.

One of Joseph Campbell’s final statements asserts that the only story “worth telling” at this stage of human socio-cultural evolution is the story he called “the Planetary Myth.”

The Planetary Myth is the story of humanity as a whole. According to Joseph Campbell, the Planetary Mythos is a prerequisite for the next stage of humanity’s socio-cultural evolution.

It is likely that we are witnessing an intermediate stage of socio-cultural development as it transitions from a fragmented, ethnocentric and confused collection of competing interests to a better informed cooperatively based planetary culture.


A Cosmovision
A Holistic Cosmology means an evidence based worldview with universal application.

A bona fide holistic cosmology applies to everyone regardless of ones cultural particulars or personal belief, because it’s knowledge of how our everyday reality is organized.

By “everyday reality” I mean the phenomenal world as experienced by the general public, and without the use of sensory augmenting tools, e.g., telescopes, microscopes, etc.

A Holistic Cosmology is an evidence based understanding of how a fundamental layer of the universe is ordered and of how that order shapes who we are, how we think and feel, before our local culture imprints us with its burdensome faith based regional worldview.

A holistic cosmology is not a set of untested beliefs or cultural instructions, but a body of knowledge offering the greatest amount of social coherence to those who have out grown the regionalism of cultural specific beliefs. A culture specific belief has no universal application or validity.

Easter is valid only for Christians, and Ramadan is valid only for Muslims. A holistic cosmology is for those ready to embrace a universal understanding of what it means to be an earthling and a member of humankind.

A holistic cosmology applies to everyone because we are all made of the same energy-matter the universe is made of, and therefore subject to the same laws, dynamics, and principles governing the interactions of all energy-matter configurations.


The Meaning of All This?

Getting into tune with the universe and
staying there is the principal function of myth.

~ Joseph Campbell

Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”

~ Albert Einstein

Getting in conscious tune with the universe requires that we sense the Universe’s ebb and flow.

The cosmovision of ancient Mesoamerica, as encoded by the Tzolkin Calendar Code, provides us with the precise rhythms by which to dance to the “invisible piper’s tune”.

The implication of detectable and verifiable characteristics repeating over definable periods of time points towards the discovery of laws and dynamics that must by logical necessity also act at the most basic levels of reality.

That is, reality as our perception and understanding of what constitutes our universe and how it operates.

It is for the reasons and arguments presented herein that I propose that Tzolkin Cosmology is best understood as a genuine holistic cosmology. 

Dreams are private myths, myths are public dreams

….Joseph Campbell


  1. Julius Smith

    This is something I would read and understand. Relating to the energy and matter that’s Our “earthlings” natural makeup. I believe your work will be interesting and beneficial to someone who can apply it to daily life. Please don’t leave me out on this work. Thank You

    • Rohaan Solare

      Thank you Julius. Yes the mark of a valid holistic cosmology would be that it could speak to anyone. It is universally inclusive.

  2. Annette

    Absolutely brilliant! I can hardly wait to delve in more deeply! It seems so complex to me at this point, but hoping the tutorial will help to make it more clear and easier to understand.

    • Rohaan Solare

      Annette, thank you very much! Making TC intelligible and accessible has been one of the biggest challenges. I’ve been sharing snippets of it here and there and the feedback from those who have experienced it in its current wild west state are saying that I’ve hit my mark.

      To those who are experiencing it for the first time it is still can’t help but have a foreign sound. It’s worldview shattering material and that in and of itself is something people have a hard time with because we tend to get attached to the familiar.

  3. Michelle Cole

    As a pagan, I love all of this, especially when you talk of how Easter is relevant for Christians, Ramadan is for Muslims-you could go on & on with that comparison. Which is why I love the solar and lunar cycles and how for me Easter is more about the change in balance of light/dark on earth in relation to the suns’ position and our current season.
    The cosmos: the sun/moon/earth and all other planets have so much impact on what happens for/to/with us on earth and I love that TC works in the same way-I love the idea of Humanity coming together to recognize the similar and to stop focusing on the differences. Because the differences are really just illusion and mirrors that we refuse to see ourselves in.

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