A Cosmic Pulse: Does the Universe have a Heart Beat?

spinning topWhile tracking the Tzolkin Cycle I discovered that certain days seemed to buzz with an extra intensity.

People seemed to be more on edge, and the overall activity of the day was marked by hyper-activity of sorts—hence the term Hyper-Day.

My understanding of Tzolkin Cosmology had led me to conclude that the Tzolkin Cycle is the mark of a very deep cosmic process.

From a whole systems perspective I reasoned that the hyperactivity I noted in humans and their activities must also make itself apparent in other aspects of the natural world.

So I conducted a study whereby I plotted daily earthquake activity over a period of months to see if the days marked as hyper-days on the Tzolkin cycle sequence had a greater share of seismic activity.

Lo and behold, the study revealed that seismic activity increased both in the number of earthquakes per day and in the intensity of the earthquakes themselves.

The highlight of the study showed that for a 1 year period 74 percent of temblors over 7.0 magnitude concurred with Hyper-Days.

[ Update: This article was published just a few hours before the great Japanese earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. The earthquake took place on Tzolkin date 77 —a Hyper-day. Please note the follower count of 77 on the Tweet image

A Twitter post I sent out on the 9th of March 2011 warning about the heightened risk for extreme tectonic (seismic-volcanic) and human events.

The same sort of synchronicity took place when I published my study on Volcanism in correlation with Hyper-days. That study was published about 12 hours before the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano erupted ]

I then performed the same study on volcanism and solar activity and both phenomena showed increases in activity on Hyper-Days. All 3 studies show a clear, strong, and consistent correlation between Hyper-Days and spikes in activity.


Does the Cosmos have a Heart Beat?

The Hyper-Day effect is not causal in nature, but rather we are witnessing the manifestation of a concurrent or simultaneously occurring base level phenomena.

Meaning that the flare up in activity occurs at the same time everywhere or at least within the earth-sun relationship.  My intuition tells me that this pulse is at least a galaxy wide phenomena.

This cosmic pulse would be felt everywhere at the same time much like the pulse in your body is felt simultaneously throughout your body.

Each day-night cycle is the equivalent of a pulse, and we experience each cosmic pulse as a day-night cycle with its attendant characteristics, and as modulated by the local conditions.

The local conditions being the particulars of one’s genetic make up and the immediate environment. Hyper-Days mark junctures in the Tzolkin cycle where the strength of the pulse heightens to exceptional degrees.

At this point in my studies I have not looked beyond the earth-sun environment to see if the pulse is detectable elsewhere. The 260 day Tzolkin Cycle is discernible as a common denominator of sorts among the orbital cycles of the planets and sun.

I have also found key Tzolkin code numbers at the foundational level of every layer of the energy-matter spectrum; inclusive of the subatomic, the atomic molecular, the organismic, and our solar system.

It is safe to speculate that at a minimum the Tzolkin cycle code represents galactic constants of some sort.

Whatever the actuality, its presence on Earth is measurable and detectable to anybody who cares to pay attention.

The Hyper-Day component is but one small facet of Tzolkin Cosmology.


Hyper-Day Characteristics and Effects

The following terms are apt descriptors of hyper-day events, effects and moods.

  • Activating
  • Boil over
  • Agitating
  • Tipping Point
  • Breaking Point
  • Catalyzing
  • Hyper-Active
  • Erupts
  • Exceptional
  • Intense
  • Explosive
  • Frenetic

Some of you may even feel the Hyper-Day effect on your body and mind. You may feel especially energetic, agitated, have a difficult time falling asleep, or wake up sooner than normal.

If you are around small children you will see them extra active, and more easily agitated. People are more likely to “act out” or “lose it” on hyper-days.

The same goes for animals. Health issues such as headaches and migraines may flare up. Electrical equipment/systems are more apt to fail or malfunction especially if they are already on the brink. Computers may run slower, and cell phone reception will fluctuate more widely.

There are other Tzolkin Cycle days when one may feel and note similar perceptions and sensations. But one must track the Tzolkin over enough time to determine the exact correlations.


Tracking the Hyper-Day Phenomena

You too can learn to track the hyper-day phenomena and the entire Tzolkin cycle. My exposition  on Tzolkin Cosmology includes a tutorial and a current year Tzolkin-Gregorian hybrid calendar to enable your learning.

That tool will enable you to learn the marvels of the Tzolkin cycle, and teach you how how to apply Tzolkin wisdom to your life.

The Hyper-Day Window

My studies have revealed that Hyper-Day effects begin to manifest the day before a hyper-day proper, and extend into the day after, much like earthquake after-shocks.

A Hyper-Day Window is the day before a Hyper-Day, the day of, and the day after.

This article was published on evening of March 10th, as Tzolkin date kin 77 was phasing is.  According to Tzolkin Cosmology, the incoming day begin to phase-in in the late afternoon. This is detectable by anyone who cares to pay attention.


  1. Eva Vargas

    Buen dia

    Mi nombre es Eva y vivo en la ciudad de Puebla en el pais de Mexico, es muy interesante el articulo que publicas, yo he seguido el tezolking desde hace año y medio en una tabla de exel en donde he visto de cerca los dias portal, asi es como aprendi a llamarlos, la hice en base a mi vida personal y como se generaban los cambios segun la energia del dia, me gustaria continuar con el aprendizaje de las publicaciones e investigaciones que realizas, son para mi interesantes y complementarias en base a lo que yo en cierta forma he leido sobre el tezolking, me llena de satisfaccion saber que no andaba tan perdida con mis conclusiones, las cuales con tus conocimientos se aclaran muchas dudas, por ende surgen muchas mas, descubriendo la extraordinaria sabiduria en el estudio el tzolkin.

    Seria muy agradable para mi ponerme en contacto por via correo.

    Continuare leyendo las publicaciones son muy interesantes e instructivas.


    • Rohaan Solare

      Hola Eva, muchisimas gracias por tu comentario. Como sabias que hablo espanol?



    Very interesting post! I don’t know anything about the subject but it seems very plausible to me.

    My take on the whole universe is that it is nothing but a constant heartbeat, where at one end of the beat there is zero movement and the Big Bang is right in the middle of its spectrum. At the other end is a tiny spec of matter, and this movement from expansion to contraction and back again is just like a human heartbeat. In universe terms, this is just a ‘moment’ but for us humans, it is nearly impossible to imagine all of this happening that quickly.

    The human heart mimics this motion, as do other spectra such as light, temperature music. There is a ‘volatile’ part of each spectrum, the middle part, and at either end of each spectrum, the matter is the most at rest.

    These are just my right-brain meanderings, but I find the subject totally fascinating and ‘feel’ that this heartbeat motion is what drives the universe.

    I also do not believe there is an outside Creator; I believe the universe itself is what created us and that It JUST IS, but that our brains don’t have the capacity to really understand this concept. After all, we are in. our infancy in this universe!

    I hope you read this but I just wanted to get these thoughts of mine out there, to see if anyone else has had similar ideas.

    XX Helen (English – Living in Italy/France)

    • Rohaan Solare

      Hello Helen, Yes, expansion and contraction is a fundamental aspect of the universe. I don’t know how you chanced upon this page. It is speculative musing of mine in relation to the hyper-day facet of what I call a deep order cosmic cycle in which each day-night cycle is possibly the equivalent of a cosmic scale heartbeat. What type of learning informs your description contraction and expansion? Thank you for sharing your perspective!

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