May 20th, 2012 Targeting a New World Age: At the Cross Roads of Cosmic and Earthly Synchronicity

554662_355139764551797_406379_nSynchronicity literally means happening together at the same time. But Carl Jung, the person who coined synchronicity qualified the term to mean events occurring simultaneously, and with significance and meaning to the observer, but with no discernible causal connection.

One of his most famous examples happened while he was in a counseling session with one of his patients.

In his book Synchronicity (1952), Jung tells the following story as an example of a synchronistic event:

“A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. While she was telling me this dream, I sat with my back to the closed window. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, like a gentle tapping.
I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from the outside. I opened the window and caught the creature in the air as it flew in.
It was the nearest analogy to a golden scarab one finds in our latitudes, a scarabaeid beetle, the common rose-chafer (Cetonia aurata), which, contrary to its usual habits had evidently felt the urge to get into a dark room at this particular moment. I must admit that nothing like it ever happened to me before or since.”


Jung believed that synchronicity pointed to some deep cosmic ordering principles. Jung must have had many such experiences for him to believe that they were all more than mere coincidences. Jung’s hunch was correct. After years of studying ancient Mexico’s most mysterious calendar I’ve come to conclude that the “ordering principles” referred to by Jung are embodied by the AA-Tzolkin Cycle-Code.

At what point do we acknowledge that a high number of “coincidences” amount to something other than chance? I don’t believe in synchronicity any more than I believe the sky is blue. We know that the particles in the sky reflect the color blue and absorb all the others.

The color of the sky does not depend upon my beliefs nor does the principle of synchronicity. In the same way I know that synchronicity is not a curiosity based on the law of large numbers, that says that given enough time anything can and will happen.

There may be truth to the law of large numbers, but what does it mean when the setting, events, moods, and instances of the day always accord with a body of knowledge that purports to model our unfolding reality on a day to day basis? It may mean that someone or some group discovered the deep ordering principles that Jung was referring to.

Those of you who have been following my work for some time know that I am referring to Tzolkin Cosmology. If you are new to Tzolkin Cosmology you may learn more at my new site dedicated to Tzolkin Cosmology

Jung’s classic example of synchronicity involves a garden variety case of synchronicity. Most of us have experienced many such cases. But what I am about to show you is a case of mind boggling synchronicity involving the events of May 20th.

It is impossible to experience the astounding degree of synchronicity articulated in this article unless one understands Tzolkin Cosmology and follows the AA-Tzolkin cycle.

[Note] Some of you may have read the article I published on May 18th in anticipation of May 20th, and its cosmological significance to World Ages and December 21st, 2012. This article builds upon what I presented there. If you have not read the May 18th article, then you may wish to do so for greater comprehension of this article.

This article is long, but not as long as indicated by the scroll bar since there are many lists involved. The following key subheadings will give you an idea of what’s included:

  • Worldcentering and Worldrenewing
  • Quetzalcoatl’s Return
  • Yin-Yang Symmetry
  • Are Numbers the Cosmic Skeletal System?
  • Mega-Synchronicity: The Symbolic and Numerical Characterization of 5/20/2012
  • A Personal Account of May 20th

In general, this article confirms John Major Jenkins May 20th hypotheses as the Zero date for the Toltecan method of tracking precession. It also serves as a resounding demonstration of the AA-Tzolkin Code’s astounding ability to correspond to our unfolding reality! Additionally the work herein shows that May 20th and December 21st are intimately connected.


Ancient Orientation Meets Modern Day Disorientation

Convergence is directly related to synchronicity, since key events must happen together at more or less the same time to qualify as a synchronicity. Centering means to align with whatever we might consider to be our centering point. This may sound too spiritual for most Westerners who are either aspiritual or immersed in the confused spirituality of the Judeo-Christian worldview.

At some point in our ancient past all of our ancestors oriented their lives to natural processes e.g., solstices, equinoxes, seasons, and seasonal variations. They knew that it was nature who was in the driver’s seat, and that they were mere passengers, who’d best learn her ways in order to make the most of the voyage. Then civilization struck, and the rest is history.

We are now stuck in an urban jumble, and as a whole we lack all orientation to the foundational working principles of life and the cosmos. The average caveman was much wiser about the natural world than any CEO will ever be.

If Western culture is oriented toward anything it’s what Capitol Hill, Wall St., Madison Ave., and Hollywood throws at us 24/7, and that is superficiality, mayhem and utter nonsense. Those 4 entities represent the supreme manifestation of the leading and dominant mind set of Western civilization.

Urbanism replaced nature as the source of our spirituality, and our orientation to the wonder of existence in and of itself. What is the opposite of orientation, but disorientation, and that is what characterizes early 21st century society. We have lost our bearings as a whole. To lose one’s bearings is to become lost.

Ancient Mesoamerican society was by no means utopian, but they did preserve and refine the art and science of orientation. Their version of urbanism incorporated the pre-urban values of our hunter-gatherer past.

A day such as May 20th was anticipated, and December 21st, 2012 was marked by the Ancient Mesoamericans because those dates are all about the ultimate in cosmic and earthly orientation. Please bear in mind that anatomically, modern humans where hunter-gatherers for 193,000 of their 200,000 year history before they developed agriculture and city building.


Worldcentering and Worldrenewing

In the May 18th article I refer to the Ancient Mesoamerican quest of worldcentering. That is, they sought to align their activities, their lives, their settlements, their temples, and their pyramids according to their preference for what they considered to be the supreme center or center of centers.

The supreme center was thought to be the source of life, of movement, essentially of all that is. And that is why they were so intent on finding the center of their world and the cosmos. It was a place of power and reverence.

In that article I talked about Mexico’s two primary cultures of the Classic period – the Maya and the Toltecs. We learned from John Major Jenkins that the Maya had oriented their world to the galactic center, and the Toltecs to the zenith. December 21st, 2012 was marked by the Maya because it was the day when the Sun would be reborn from the center of all centers – the galactic center (Jenkins).

The solar rebirth theme of December 21st, 2012 refers to Ancient Mesoamerica’s other great cosmological quest known as Worldrenewing.

Ancient Mesoamerica was preoccupied with Worldrenewing because it was their goal to align with, and anticipate cosmic processes because they had learned that cosmic processes translate into earthly events.

To anticipate when the world would be renewed involves the same sort of effort humans exert in preparation for the birth of their child. To anticipate Worldrenewing is not some cute spiritual concept.

The Ancient Mesoamericans had done nothing less than discover the timing constants that enabled them to predict, and anticipate windows of time when shift type events were most probable. In other words they had discovered the basic timing constants involved in the growth, development, and decline of human beings and the social systems they exude.

I cover the last aspect in greater detail in the article entitled Anticipating Personal and Collective Shifts in Relation to MAC Time Science.

The quest to anticipate Worldrenewing is the primary reason why December 21st, 2012 was marked by the ancient Maya. Jenkins plumbs this aspect of 2012 with great detail in his book Maya Comosgenesis 2012. The title says it all.

Many have criticized 12/21/12 because the midpoint of the sun’s traverse across the galactic plane happened in 1998. They do so in ignorance because they don’t understand Mesoamerican cosmology.

fig. 1 The sun measures 1/2 a degree wide and the galactic plane is assigned 1 degree of width. Meaning the image is not to scale.

Worldrenewing speaks to a birthing process, and it is the sun that is being reborn on 12/21/12. To be in the very center of the galactic plane would mean that the sun is still in the “galactic womb”. On 12/21/12 the sun will be 8/9ths of its way across the galactic plane.[fig 1]

It will, for all intended purposes, be reborn on the day of annual solar rebirth in the northern hemisphere—the December solstice. So we have the annual rebirth of the sun coinciding with its precessional cycle rebirth. An event that comes around only once every 25, 770 years or so.

If Maya Galactic Cosmology emphasized Worldrenewing on 12/21/12, then the Toltec’s Zenith Cosmology emphasized Worldcentering on May 20th, 2012.

Both dates pertain to Worldcentering and Worldrenewal, but each method of orientation tends to emphasize one aspect over the other by virtue of its focus. The galactic center is more abstract, while the zenith is an observable, tangible center. We are talking about Yin-Yang symmetry. More on that concept further down.

I think this is another reason why both cultures struck a reconciliatory cord at Chichen Itza. I will show that even the numerology and symbology involved reinforces the idea that December 21st speaks more so to Worldrenewal and rebirth while May 20th to Worldcentering and to the completion of a World Age.

They realized that they each held a complimentary half of the cosmic orienteering quest. The Toltec method of orienting focused on the fixed spatial center (zenith) of the world to mark the end-start of Worldrenewing ages. While the Maya had zeroed in on the moving-birthing center of our local universe or the whirling black hole found at the center of our galaxy to do the same.


Quetzalcoatl’s Return?

Mesoamerica’s version of the Ouroborus symbol of cyclical return. The surest meaning of “Quetzalcoatl’s Return is wholeness and completion as defined by cycle closure in relation to the Maya’s Galactic Cosmology and the Toltecs Zenith Cosmomlogy. This is an Quetzalcoatl by ~Dagiel

The cosmological reconciliation that took place between the Toltecs and the Maya at Chichen Itza is yet another manifestation of Quetzalcoatl as archetype of the embodiment of opposites, yin yang-symmetry, transformation and synchronization.

Quetzalcoatl is associated with the creation of calendars or let’s say the impetus to create calendars. Calendars are tools for synchronization are they not?

The following is an example of mass synchronicity and correspondence involving May 20th, and the events that transpired on that day should shed some clarity on the archetypal meme of “Quetzalcoatl’s Return”.

First and foremost 5/20/2012 was arrived at as the day to mark the zero date between the end of one world age, and the start of another, as marked by the sun’s long awaited convergence with the Pleiades at the zenith over the Pyramid of Kulkukan-Quetzalcoatl. Kukulkan is Mayan for Quetzalcoatl.

The precise criteria for the selection of May 20th is found in the May 18th article Cosmic Convergence: May 20th and it relation to 12/21/2012.

Quetzalcoatl is present in May’s 20th’s events in several ways. According to Jenkins, Quetzalcoatl was first used by the Toltecs as a name for the Pleiadian star cluster. The Maya on the other hand referred to the Pleiades as tzab, meaning rattle as in rattlesnake. And the sun has a symbolic association with the rattlesnake in Maya cosmology. (Jenkins)

Jenkins views the Solar-Zenith-Pleiadian convergence as a manifestation of Quetzalcoatl in which the serpent is joined with its rattle on the day that marks the end of one world age, and the start of another. Thus the Maya, and the Toltec versions of Quetzalcoatl are reconciled. Further down I will present other aspects of Quetzalcoatl’s manifestation under the heading of Symbolic Synchronicities.

Model of the Pyramid of Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl

Based on Mesoamerica’s orienting cosmology of Worldcentering, and the archetypes involved, the events of May 20th should resound with themes of convergence, centering, yin yang-symmetry, completion, wholeness and synchronization.

By resounding I mean extraordinary repetition and magnitude. The events must be extraordinary, rare and repetitious enough to distinguish the date from any other potentially similar dates within the window of time as defined by the sun’s 36 year traverse of the galactic plane.


Yin-Yang Symmetry

By yin yang-symmetry, I mean to contrast with the idea of mirror symmetry. Our bilateral symmetry is identical in some respects, and uneven in others. We well know that each side of our body is slightly different from the other. If we are right handed then our left hand is weaker and less deft, yet we have two hands with an equal number of fingers, bones, and muscles on each hand.

The qualitative and quantitative differences between our left and right sides is a good example of what I mean by yin yang-symmetry.

The heart is on the left side, but it’s counterbalanced by the liver’s placement on the right side. One foot tends to be larger than the other. The two sides our face are slightly different from each other. A molecule of testosterone has more atoms (men are larger) than a molecule of estrogen (women are smaller). Male-female is a foundational manifestation of yy-symmetry.

The distribution of the earth’s landmasses and oceans are a great example of yy-symmetry. The contiguous Eurasian-African landmass is larger than the contiguous North-South American landmass. One side of the globe (Eurasian-Africa) has more landmass and the other has more water (pacific ocean). The northern hemisphere has more land than the southern. And the southern has more water than the northern.

The majority of a human being’s mass is above the waste line. Some ladies may contest that, but I do acknowledge that there are few if no absolutes. Australia in the south is counterposed to Greenland in the north.

The larger south polar Antarctic land mass is counterposed by the much smaller north polar landmass. Every physical aspect of our planet exhibits yy-symmetry.

The Asian yin yang symbol also demonstrates that there are no absolutes. This aspect is characterized by the small black dot on the white side and the white dot on the black side. Women produce small amounts of testosterone and men produce small amounts of estrogen.

In the middle of the largest body of water, the Pacific ocean, we find the Hawaiian islands. In the middle of the largest landmass (Eurasia) we have some of the biggest bodies of fresh water.

The aspect of yy-symmetry will be born out by the particulars we will be examining. As you review the listing of events, you will see me use the word “approximate” in describing certain values. Approximations are valid markers of synchronicity when we understand that nature deals in precise and approximate forms of symmetry. Approximations are best appreciated once we understand the principle of yy-symmetry.

In the same way that objects posses yy-symmetry so do events and processes.

The ratio of men to women bears this out because there are 101 males born to every 100 women according to the world sex ratio. Whatever the actual ratio the point is more men than women are generated. Women produce one egg per ovulation and men produce millions of sperm per ejaculation.

This aspect of yy-symmetry will be exemplified by the events I have listed. The other thing we will learn in relation to approximation has to do with tendency and preponderance.

Are Numbers the Cosmic Skeletal System?

Further down I will list several numerical values associated with May 20th’s eclipse. You will note the preponderance of certain numbers over others, and the tendency for certain numerical values to appear slanted toward certain parts of the numerical spectrum. It was once said that “God is a mathematician”.  There is a good reason for that analogy.

Our world could be described entirely by numbers, and other mathematical symbols, but what a dreary language that would be. My experience has led me to conclude that the AA-Tzolkin code represents the numerical architecture of change and synchronicity as clothed in the language of life’s colors and its archetypal forms.

The AA-Tzolkin code is a predefined system, and each of its elements posses predefined attributes. In other words there is little room for interpretation or fudging. That is important if a cosmology is to be put forth as universally applicable.

In essence the Tzolkin cycle is what organizes and sequences everything we see, hear, and feel. In the same way that all life forms are constructed out of 4 primary elements (H,C,N,O), 4 central molecules (nucleobases), and 20 amino acids, so then is the phenomenal world constructed out of 4 primary colors and 20 archetypal forms according to a 13 stage process of development. Think of it as the computer program that simulates our world.

Once we understand that numbers are the language of the cosmos, then we simply have to learn the cosmic language in order to better understand what the cosmos is saying in the most unequivocal of terms. The examples further down will bear out what I mean by “in the most unequivocal of terms”.

I am aware of only two coherent number systems that purport to function as translation devices between cosmic number code and worldly manifestations.

One is the Asian I Ching and the other is the AA-Tzolkin cycle code. Though Marko Rodin may be onto something with his vortex based mathematics. I do agree with what Marko has to say about numbers.

“Numbers are real and alive, not merely symbols for other things. You will discover that the relationships between numbers are not random or man-made but that numbers are actually elementary particles of which everything is composed” ~ Marko Rodin

There is some overlap between his vortex based mathematics, and the AA-Tzolkin Code, the I Ching, and the DNA code. The numerically defined systems architecture of the I Ching and the AA-Tzolkin Code have been shown to have uncanny correspondence with the DNA code.

The following analysis of May 20th’s events in relation to the AA-Tzolkin code will demonstrate how a real life event bears unequivocal correspondence with the AA-Tzolkin code. The following is but one example, but I have recorded dozens of other cases here.


The Symbolic and Numerical Characterization of 5/20/2012

Numerical Synchronicity
If the AA-Tzolkin Code is what I say it is, then we should expect to see the cosmic code’s numerical program expressed in the things we experience, and in accordance with the AA-Tzolkin’s numerical and symbolic architecture. I am led to believe that the DNA code is a living model of the AA-Tzolkin code. If so then we are direct expressions of the AA-Tzolkin Code.

So that means that what we create is also an expression of the AA-Tzolkin Cycle-Code. Therefore everything about our world should be reconciled and ultimately organized by the AA-Tzolkin Cycle-Code. The foregoing passage would also explain why the Tzolkin functions as a predictor of human character traits and human interrelationships.

The Gregorian calendar is a human made system and humans are products of the Tzolkin system. The Gregorian calendar is ultimately a creation of the master creation program known to us as the Tzolkin Cycle. If that is the case then we ought to expect to find numerical correspondences between the Gregorian calendar and the Tzolkin Code.


May 20th’s Gregorian based numerical signature is 5/20/2012 (5202012).

Fig. 2: The sun is intersected by ZM at 12:50:52.5 [Click to enlarge

Therefore we should also expect to find lots of 5’s 2’s, 52’s, 20’s 12’s and zerO’s in the numbers associated with the AA-Tzolkin Code and the events of the day.

Zero signifies totality, completion or wholeness (holeness). The Maya number system writes 20 as zero. Meaning 20 is the number signifying the same as zero.

The most repeated number will be 2. I will relate why that is so further down.

  • May 20th is AA-Tzolkin date kin 252 {2-52}. Kin is Mayan for day. [fig. 6]
  • Kin 252 is the (5)th day of the (20)th tone cycle. [fig. 6]
  • Kin 252 is also the (12)th day of the last (20)-day archetypal cycle. {20-12} [fig. 6]

Every number of May’s Gregorian date has perfect correspondence with its corresponding AA-Tzolkin date.

Fig. 3: Sun is tangent to ZM upon approach at 12:49:45. Click to enlarge

At the latitude of Chichen Itza the Sun was intersected by the 1 arc-second wide zenith meridian at 12:50:52.5 seconds.

Starry Night astronomy software does not count in tenths of a second so the display reads either 12:50:52 or 53. To get the precise figure of 12:50:52.5, I did the following math.

The sun was tangent on approach to the zenith meridian at 12:49:45,[fig. 3] and was tangent upon exit at 12:52:00. [fig. 4]

That’s a span of 135 seconds. One hundred and thirty-five divided by two is 67.5.


Fig. 4: Sun is tangent to ZM upon exit at 12:52.00. Yes you read that correctly Click to enlarge

Add 67.5 seconds to 12:49:45 and you get 12:50:52.5.

The zenith meridian was at the sun’s precise midpoint at 12:50:52.5. No other date either side of May 20th gives us these figures.

If we count from the true new years date on the December solstice then May 20th is the 152nd {52} day of the year.

There were 5 key astronomical bodies at the zenith over Chichen Itza on May 20th. They were the sun, the Pleiades, the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury.

Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.

Later that afternoon at the time of the eclipse there were 5 astronomical bodies from our solar system plus the Pleiades, all lined up in a straight line along the ecliptic. They were Venus, the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury. The ecliptic is the path that the Sun and the planets travel in the sky as seen from earth.

I’ve already mentioned that May 20th corresponds to kin 252, but that’s only the day number within the Tzolkin’s 260 day sequence. Each day is also coded by a set of archetypes known as the day’s themeplex. A Tzolkin day is named after the themeplex’s central archetype. Kin 252 is also known by it code name, the Yellow 5 Human.

The AA-Tzolkin code is composed of 3 parts, a color, a tone number, and an archetypal symbol. The tone number is also given a name such that the 5th tone is also known as the radiant tone. The archetypes also have numbers associated with them. A themeplex consists of a total of 5 archetypes.


May 20th’s complete set of AA-Tzolkin archetypes and their corresponding numerology are as follows.

May 20th 2012 plate


The Meaning in Numbers

The values 2, 5, 9, 12, 20 , 52, 260 and 0 signify completion and wholeness within Tzolkin Cosmology and MMAC time science in general. The numbers 4 and 13 could also be included, but since they are not overtly part of 5/20/2012, I am going to leave them out for sake of relative brevity. Four is indeed present as it is a factor of 12 (3×4); 20 (5×4); 52 (4×13). Thirteen has slightly more relation to December 21st as 13 batkun cycles complete.


The Number 2

Bilateral symmetry, pairing, yin yang-symmetry are found everywhere we look from the smallest to the largest scales. A proton is paired with its neutron, the DNA molecule consists of two stands. and Earth has its Moon.

Everything either inhales and exhales, contracts and expand or it vibrates and oscillates. Everything is characterized by those 2 basic movements first and foremost, and in one form or another.


The Numbers 5 and 52

  • There are 5 4-day color cycles in a 20-day archetypal cycle.
  • Five 52-day cycles complete the 260 day Tzolkin Cycle.
  • The solar year is 52 x 7 = 364 +1 = 365.
  • The solar year’s 365 days = 73 x 5.
  • A human being has 4 limbs and a central trunk.
  • 4 limbs times 5 digits gives 20 fingers and toes.
  • There are 52 bones per foot for a total of 104 bones and the hands a total of 108.
  • There are 208 bones in the human body when the sternum is counted as being composed of 3 bones. 208 = 4 x 52
  • A 52 year Calendar Round completes the maximum number of interrelationships between Tzolkin and solar cycle dates.
  • Five Long Count cycles of 5125.25 years plus 52,520 days(202 Tzolkin Cycles) completes a precessional cycle of 25,770.1 years.
  • The first 4 numbers of Maya notation are represented by dots. The number 5 is represented as a solid bar, i.e., a whole.


The Number 9

  • Fig. 6:

    Each season is 91.31 days. 91= 9×9.

  • Kin 252 equals 9 x 28.
  • Kin 252 occurs in  harmonic 63*. 63 = 7 x 9. [fig.7].
  • 9 x 29 = one Tzolkin cycle + 1 day.
  • 9 lunar months of 29.5 days = 265.5 days or a Tzolkin cycle + 5.5 days.
  • Most common estimate of human pregnancy is 266 days.
  • 1 year = 40 x 9 = 360 + 5 days.
  • A precessional cycle = 9,412,328 days.

* A harmonic is a 4 day color cycle, and the Tzolkin is also divided into 65 such cycles.


The Number 12

  • 12 months of 30 days = 360 days plus 5 days = 365.
  • A Maya Tun cycle is 360 days or 30 x 12.
  • The Maya counted lunar months in alternating sequences of either 29 or 30 days for their computations.
  • Kin 252 = 12 x 21: Kin 252 is demonstrating itself as a number of wholeness.
  • Every 12th Tzolkin Cycle day is coded by the color yellow. Yellow signifies completion within Tzolkin Cosmology.
  • December is the 12th and final Gregorian month.


The Number 20 or the value ZerO as whOleness

  • The Maya number system writes 20 as zero.
  • There are 20 archetypal forms.
  • There are 20 amino acids to the DNA code.
  • 20 fingers and toes complete the human limb system.
  • 20 13-day tone cycles complete the Tzolkin Cycle.


Yellow is the color symbolic of completion within TC.

  • The AA-Tzolkn’s final or 260th day is yellow.
  • Every 12th, 20th and 52nd day of the AA-Tzolkin coincides with a yellow archetype. [fig.6]


May 20th, 2012 concurred with…

  • the 5th day of 20th or the last tone cycle.
  • the 12th day of the last 20 day cycle.
  • the 5th and final 52 day cycle.
  • the Yellow Star tone cycle.
  • a Yellow 5 Human day.

May/5/20/2012 or Kin 252 and its themeplex, contains every key number representing completion. Every aspect of May 20th’s AA-Tzolkin coding pertains to completion.


The 5 to 7 Ratio is a Measure of Completion

The 5 to 7 ratio is key to understanding the interlocked relationship between the Tzolkin and solar cycles. May is the 5th month and there are 7 months till December when the other part of Mesoamerica’s Orientation Cosmology comes to completion.

  • The solar year’s 365 days equal 73 x 5.
  • 52 x 7 = 364 +1 = year.
  • 73 Tzolkin Cycles = 52 solar cycles.
  • The rate of precession is one day of shift per 70.56 years (Aveni).
  • The precessional cycle is 25,770.1 years long (Aveni).

May 20th’s eclipse was the 53rd {53 – 1=52} eclipse of Saros cycle 128 {12}. There are 73 eclipses in Saros cycle 128. There are exactly 73 Tzolkin Cycles every 52 years. Dan Winter has a lot to say about the 5 to 7 ratio, and its importance to life processes, the heart, and the structure of DNA.



Other attributes of May 20th’s key numbers and in particular the number 5.

  • 252 is the 5th central binomial coefficient.
  • 52 is the 5th Bell number.
  • 63 is the number of partially ordered sets of 5 elements.
  • 2 of the 5 Platonic Solids contain the key values 20 and 12.
  • The 20 sided Icosahedron is the largest of the Platonic Solids.
  • 20 is “Gods Number”, as it is the maximum number of moves needed to solve any Rubiks Cube problem .
  • The number 252 is divisible by the following 7 set of numbers: 2×126 = 3×84 = 4×63 = 6×42 = 7×36 = 9×8 = 12×21 = 14×18 = 252.


Eclipse Data – 25 values

Please note the tendency of values to be at 5 or within 2 points of 5.

  • Gamma 0.4828 (2 pts off 50).
  • Magnitude 0.9439 ( 1 pt off 95).


Maximum eclipse

  • Duration 5m 46s (46 is 1 pt off 45).
  • Coordinates 49.1N 176.3E ( 49 is 1 pt off 50; 176 is 1 pt off 175).


Times (UTC)

Note the preponderance 20’s and 2’s with respect to time as in May 20th.

  • (P1) Partial begin 20:56:07 (20’s, 4 pts off 52’s).
  • (U1) Total begin 22:06:17 (20’s, 1 pt off 5).
  • Greatest eclipse 23:53:54 (20’s, 53 and 54 are 1 pt off 52).
  • (U4) Total end 1:39:11.
  • (P4) Partial end 2:49:21 (2’s, 1 pt off 50).



  • Saros Eclipse Cycle 128 (58 of 73) (5 to 7 ratio).



Symbolic Synchronicity

The key elements, themes, and archetypes in relation to May 20th are the sun/star, the moon, the sky, the Pleiades, Quetzalcoatl, completion/wholeness, worldcentering/centrality, and the numbers 5, 20, and 2012. If the Tzolkin is to hold true symbolically as well as numerically then we are to expect that the aforementioned elements, themes and archetypes be present in the Tzolkin’s symbolic coding as well.


The Sun-Star

  • The Sun was present in kin 252’s themeplex as the day’s guiding archetype. [fig.5]
  • The solar eclipse was the guiding element for millions of people on May 20-21st.
  • The eclipse took place on the 5th day of the Yellow Star tone cycle. The Sun is a star.


Completion and Wholeness

The Toltecs were looking forward to the day when the Sun would align with the Pleiades at the zenith. Such an event would signal the completion of a World Age. Within Tzolkin Cosmology the color yellow symbolizes completion. The last day of the Tzolkin Cycle is yellow.

The last day of the 20 day archetypal cycle is yellow. Every 12th, 20th and 52nd day of the AA-Tzolkin coincides with a yellow archetype.[fig.6] The numbers 12, 20, and 52 are numbers symbolic of completion and wholeness.

May 20th coincided with each of the following yellow facets .

  • May 20th or kin 252 is the 5th day of the Yellow Star tone cycle.
  • May 20th or kin 252 was coded by Yellow 5 Human.
  • The Sun was completely free of the 1 arc-second wide zenith meridian at 12:52:00. [fig.4]
  • The Sun is the 20th and last archetype of the Tzolkin’s 20-day archetypal cycle. It completes the 20 and 260 day cycles.

The Maya considered sunset to be the end of the day. The eclipse happened near sunset on May 20th. And for those in Asia it happened as the sun was rising on the 21st. Those in the western hemisphere saw a World Age come to a close, while those in the eastern hemisphere witnessed a New World Age Dawn.

The numerical symbology of 20 and 21 further reinforces the idea of completion and renewal when we understand that 20 means completion and 21 means the start of a new cycle.

Tzolkin date kin 21 is the start of a new 20 day cycle. When we count the Tzolkin in 20 day archetypal cycles then every 21st Tzolkin day starts with a Red Alligator day. The Alligator is the archetype of birth. May 20th brought a World Age to completion, and May 21st was the start of a new World Age as reckoned by all the circumstances recounted in this article.



May 20th 2012 concurred with…

  • the 5th day of 20th or  last tone cycle. [fig.6]
  • the 12th day of the last 20 day cycle. [fig.6]
  • the 5th and last 52 day cycle.
  • the Yellow Star tone cycle. [fig.6]
  • a Yellow 5 Human day. [fig.7]

Every aspect of May 20th’s Tzolkin coding pertains to completion and wholeness.


On May 20th, 2012 the Pleiades, Sun, and New Moon converged for the first time at the zenith over Chichen Itza during the Sun’s once every 25, 770 year traverse of the galactic plane.

The Pleiades and the sun are converging at the zenith over Chichen Itza for the first time in 25, 770 years or so. Mercury and Jupiter also join in to be at the zenith on May 20th at the same time as the sun and Pleiades.

The Sun, Moon, Pleiades, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus were all in alignment in about as straight a line as possible on the afternoon of May 20th as the sun was setting, and at the same time that there is a rare annular eclipse. Millions of people around the world converged to watch the eclipse.



Centered directly over the Pyramid of Kukulkan-Quetzalcoatl at the zenith were the Sun, Moon, Pleiades, Mercury, and Jupiter. The Moon, Sun, and Pleiades centered on the zenith. When the Pleiades is centered on the zenith meridian (ZM), the sun and moon are almost equidistant (yy-symmetry) on either side of the of ZM. [fig.8]

The day was marked by an annular eclipse in which the Moon was centered on the Sun creating a bulls-eye of sorts.

An annular eclipse forms a perfect zero. The point of Greatest Eclipse (GE) was centered over the pacific ocean approximately midway between North America and Asia. The GE was situated 49 degrees north of the equator or approximately midway between the equator and the North Pole. Forty-five degrees would be the exact midpoint.

The GE was situated just 4 degrees west of the 180 degree line of longitude, or the same O meridian line that intersects Greenwich on the other side of the globe. The 180th meridian of longitude is the same as 00 UTC or the international date line. The O/180 degree meridian divides the globe into 2 equal halves.

Centering is related to zero as it defines a uniform midpoint, equidistant from each point of its circular boundary. The eclipse formed a perfect zerO. May 20th is the 141st day of the Gregorian year. May 20th was the 152nd day of the true new year that begins on the winter solstice. Again the 5 is between two numbers. Note the 5 nested between two 2’s in kin 252 as well.


Seven is the number of centrality within Tzolkin Cosmology.

  • The 7th day of the 13 day tone cycle is the central day. There are 6 numbers before and 6 after.
  • The 7th column of the Tzolkin chart is the middle column. There are 13 columns of 20 days, equaling 260 days.[fig.7]
  • The centralized human spinal column contains the only part of the skeletal system with 7 bones.
  • Kin 252 = 36 x 7.
  • Kin 252 occurred in the 63 harmonic* or 4 day cycle, 63 = 9 x 7.[fig.7]
  • May 20th’s themeplex included archetype number 7 the Blue Hand.[fig.5]

*The Tzolkin is also divided into 65 4-day color cycles called harmonics.


Yin-Yang Symmetry

Fig. 7

East meets West in almost equal fashion. The Earth’s two main cultural streams, the Orient and the West, are joined by the eclipse path. But the Greatest Eclipse was a tad closer to the Asian continent, and Asia had the lions share of the viewing time.

People in the West looked toward a setting sun eclipse, while Asians looked toward a rising sun eclipse. Two dates were involved in that the eclipse was seen in Asia on the 21st, and in North America on the 20th.

The Earth’s two largest contiguous landmasses, N-S America and Eurasia-Africa, were joined by the eclipse path. The eclipse did not favor any country or region in particular, except perhaps the northern hemisphere.

But in keeping with yy-symmetry 2012’s only other solar eclipse on November 13th will be in the southern hemisphere, and on the east side of the international date line.

There are two symmetric solar and two asymmetric lunar eclipses in 2012 and they are paired such that May 20th’s is paired with a partial lunar eclipse on June 4th. And November 13th’s total solar eclipse is paired with November 28th’s penumbral lunar eclipse. Each solar eclipse is 15 days from its accompanying lunar eclipse.

This is significant again, because a year can have as many as 7 eclipses, in combinations of either 5 solar and 2 lunar eclipses, or 4 solar and 3 lunar. There are at least 2 solar eclipses per year, and a year can go without a lunar eclipse.

May 20th’s annular solar eclipse is counterpoised by November 13th’s total solar eclipse. And June 4th’s partial lunar eclipse is counterbalanced by November 28th’s penumbral lunar eclipse. A penumbral eclipse is still weaker than a partial eclipse.

The year’s two strong solar eclipses are counterpoised by the two weak lunar eclipses. As with the year’s 2 solar eclipses the first lunar eclipse will cast its shadow from the northern hemisphere, and the second from the southern hemisphere.


The Pleiades and Quetzalcoatl

The Pleiades looks like a quetzal bird in flight doesn’t it?

It seems that Quetzalcoatl started out as a reference to the Pleiades. Over time Quetzalcoatl came to symbolize the union of opposites, Venus, transformation, greatest beauty, and that which is most high, valued, or exalted – among many other associations.

That’s why I and others characterize it as the archetype of transformation. The Wind (Ehecatl) archetype is yet another principle manifestation of Quetzalcoatl, and the White Wind is present in May 20th’s themeplex.[fig.5]

Quetzalcoatl is also present in the Tzolkin’s last tone cycle as the Yellow Star archetype, it is the overarching theme of the last tone cycle. The Star archetype is actually a reference to Venus, the evening and morning star of Mesoamerican cosmology. Venus is yet another another key manifestation of Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl’s literal translation means bird-serpent. Mesoamerican cosmology incorporates the idea of nestedness or embeddedness as in Russian Dolls. Even Western cosmologists will say that you are embedded in the Universe as much as the U-niverse is embedded within yoU! According to a numerological formula each Tzolkin archetype is part of a family of embedded or nested archetypes

The Yellow Sun archetype part of May 20th’s themeplex is related to those archetypes with the number 5 as a factor and they are known as Archetypal Family Number 5 (AFN-5). There is the number 5 again. The 4 members of AFN-5 are the Red Serpent (archetype 5), the White Dog (A-10). the Blue Eagle (A-15) and the Yellow Sun (A-20).

Quetzalcoatl in its most basic archetypal form, as bird-serpent, is embedded within the Yellow Sun, as the Red Serpent and as the Blue Eagle. The Pleiades as Quetzalcoatl, and Quetzalcoatl in its other manifestations has correspondence to the White Wind, the Yellow Star, and the Yellow Sun archetypes. All were present in May 20th’s day and tone cycle themeplexes.


The Moon

The precise new moon was up in the sky with the Pleiades and the Sun, and the later on May 20th, the moon was centered in front of the sun. The moon was also acting as the overt agent of renewal due to its new moon phase. Present in the May 20th’s themeplex was the Red Water archetype which is also the equivalent of the moon.[fig.5]

In fact, Arguelles changed the traditional 9th archetype of Water to Moon for his account of the Tzolkin, but I have reverted back to the traditional water symbol in my account. But I have acknowledged, and I make it known that both are valid symbols for the 9th archetype. I’m even thinking that they should both be integrated as in water-moon. A sort of yin yang-symmetry if you will.

Further reinforcing the Moon’s specific role on May 20th was the 9th archetype’s position in the themeplex. Every aspect of the themeplex plays a role in the day’s events. May 20th’s themeplex had the Water/Moon archetype in what is known as the occult role (Arguellen). I refer to the occult role as the Occult-quasi element. Occult means hidden, and that is what a new moon is – it’s hidden from view. That was the case on May 20th.


The Sky

The attention of millions of people was directed skyward on May 20th. We have seen that May 20th’s themeplex contains 2 skybound elements, the Sun and the Moon archetype, and one atmospheric element, the Wind. [fig.5] You have also heard me mention that May 20th was the 5th day of the Star tone cycle.

The Star is yet another sky bound element. In the same way that a day is governed by a set of themes so is the tone cycle period governed by a set of over arching thematics. The first day of a new tone cycle establishes the overriding thematics.

Tzolkin date kin 248 the Yellow 1 Star coincided with May 16th. The number after the color of the day refers to the day number within the 13-day long tone cycle. Its themeplex is as follows.


Breakdown of Kin 248 or the Yellow 1 Star themeplex.

  • Tone Cycle Number = 20 or 0
  • Tone Number = 1
  • Guide = Star = 8 = AFN 3
  • Central = Star = 8 = AFN 3
  • Analog = Monkey = 11 = AFN 1
  • Antipode = Mirror = 18 = AFN 3
  • Occult-Quasi = Skywalker = 13 = AFN 3

And there is our Skywalker in the occult-quasi position. The Skywalker’s key attributes are space, exploration and wakefulness. So there is our sky in Skywalker, and if I’m not mistaken all of May 20th’s elements of interest are also space bound entities. Please note that every Tzolkin archetype has 3 key and predefined attributes.

So I’m not coming up with confirmation biased descriptors to suit each situation so that I can make the Tzolkin model fit reality. Further confirming the Skywalker’s role in the events of May 20th was that the incoming Tzolkin date for May 21st was kin 253 the Red 6 Skywalker.

As mentioned earlier, within MAC Time Science the day ends at sundown. But it’s not to be interpreted as a sharp cut off point. One day gradually transforms into the next. So that means that the Skywalker was phasing in as the sun was going down right near the horizon. That’s when the eclipse took place, and that’s when millions of people were focused skyward!

The timing of the eclipse couldn’t have been more significant. The aspect of closure and completion is redundant. The end of a day coincided with the end of a World Age!


Personal Account of May 20th

I made my way to a natural wonder land in order to fully immerse myself in the events of May 20th. I arrived at my destination on May 19th, and one of the first things I observed looked like courtship behavior between two Western Blue Bellied lizards. In certain parts of California the male will also have a smattering of deep blue and turquoise colored scales on the upper part of the body, and that was the case that day. May 19th was a Blue 4 Monkey.

That event would have its yang counter part on May 20th. A lone raven seemed to be tailing me throughout the day of the 19th, and early part of the 20th. Probably stalking me for crumbs that I might be leaving behind.

Late in the afternoon of the 20th I noticed a sudden change in the light, and I knew the eclipse had started. At about the same time, 2 ravens landed in front of me, and they began a very amusing courtship ritual.

They would raise their heads and clap their beaks, walk around each other, and make various approaches and gestures towards each other – all while raising and lowering their heads and bodies. I looked for my binoculars, when I realized, much to my dismay, that I had left them on the trail a short while ago after making a stop.

I then noticed a woman, who looked like someone I had crossed paths with earlier, walking toward me. Sure enough, it was her, and she’d come ask me if I was missing a pair of binoculars. She had left them where she found them not knowing for sure whom they might belong to.

She accompanied me to the place where she’d seen them. Along the way we introduced each other, and I had to ask her to repeat her name. “Holly” she repeated in her English accent. Wholly or holey anyone? Actually both resonances apply to our story.

Earlier I’d mentioned that there was a reason for all the repetitive numbers. The aspect of repetition is not limited to numbers. Events, images, sounds, instances, and numbers have a propensity to repeat themselves when members of archetypal family number 2 (AFN-2) are present in the day’s themeplex.

May 20th was a Yellow Human day, and it is the yellow member of AFN-2, and the previous day had been guided by the Blue Hand or the blue member of AFN-2. So far we have 2 sets of courting animals, a missing pair of binoculars, and a twice encounter with the same person who had to repeat her name for me.

In fact it was the third time the word holly had come into my sphere that day. Much earlier in the day at 12:14 AM to be specific I received an email inviting me to present my work on the 2012-Mayan Calendar mythos (2012-MC) at the Hollyhock Institute for Life Long Learning.

The 5 day event is entitled the The Totemic Significance of 2012. The event starts on July 22nd and ends on the 27th. July 22nd is AA-Tzolkin date kin 55, the Blue 3 Eagle. It is the same AA-Tzolkin date of the Harmonic Convergence of August 16th, 1987, or the event that kicked off the countdown to December 21st 2012, and put 2012-MC on the map!

By now the ravens were nowhere to be seen, and I was standing in the middle of a large clearing in the forest when it suddenly brightened up – the eclipse was over. Seconds later, I heard the roar of jet engines. I looked east to see 2 side by side Blue Angel like jet planes scream across the sky at about 10k ft. elevation, veer south and disappear.

As they disappeared into the horizon I noticed another higher flying (15-20k elev.), and much larger jet airplane. It was the size of a commercial passenger jumbo jet, but it was gleaming white and flying much faster than a passenger airliner. It wasn’t leaving any exhaust trails. I’d never seen such a plane before. It was flying in a northerly direction, and when another still higher flying (35,000 ft elev.) southbound jet came into view, It looked like the typical high flying jet with contrails.

After the fourth jet went out of view it went eerily quiet. It was as if a hush had come over the world around me. It was a stillness unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt it throughout my entire being. There was not even the slightest breeze, and only the occasional bird call to break the silence. It was one of my most magical experiences ever!

I continued walking for awhile when I realized that I had left two pairs of sunglasses in the clearing. I was using 2 pair of sunglasses for eclipse viewing.

Two courting lizards, 2 courting ravens, 2 encounters with a person named Holly, an invitation to Hollyhock 2012, 2 pairs of jet airplanes within a 30 second period, 2 occasions of absent mindedness involving a pair of binoculars, and a 2 pairs of sunglasses characterized my day of repetitive synchronicity. It is not difficult to see how the themes, numbers and dynamics discussed thus far also apply to my personal experiences.


Period, End of Story

May 20th eclipse at sundown. Texas Photo by Jacob-Thumberger

We finish a sentence with a punctuation mark. Punctuate: from the medieval Latin punctuat- ‘brought to a point,’ from the verb punctuare, from punctum ‘a point’. To punctuate also means to emphasize and accentuate.

We can say that the end of a World Age as defined herein was brought to a point, and to a conclusion, as exemplified by the cosmic period mark impressed upon the Sun as it aligned with the Moon in the late afternoon of May 20th, 2012.

Then, as if the cosmos wasn’t emphatic enough, my absent mindedness is perhaps a matter of concern, the cosmos further accentuated (punctuated) the meaning of the day with the events I experienced as the eclipse began, during the eclipse, and immediately afterward.

Adding still more weight to the significance of 2012, was the Venus Transit that took place on June 5 and 6 starting at 22:09 UTC . Venus Transits come in pairs and each transit event is separated by 8 years. The first one happened on June 8, 2004. Pairs of Venus Transit events are separated by alternating cycles of 105.5 years or 121.5 years.

Given the evidence and arguments offered herein, and in the May 18th article I am compelled to affirm that the astronomical events of May 20th, 2012 do indeed signal the completion of a World Age precessional cycle some 25, 770 years long as defined by the Toltecan Zenith Cosmology. The Grand Finally to this amazing astronomical story awaits came full circle on December 21st, 2012.

May 20th was the yang alignment and
December 21st was the yin alignment and
Mesoamerica’s “Holy Grail” of Worldcentering and Worldrenewing was made whole.

“I must admit that nothing like it ever happened to me before or since”
~ Carl G. Jung (Synchronicity 1952)


The following events of May 20th also serve to punctuate the day’s significance.

All values are for the month of May and they are for tremors M5.0 and greater.

  • May 20th had the most eq’s of any other day in May with 12 eq’s. There is the 20 and 12 again.
  • The day with the next greatest number of eq’s was May 3rd with 8.
  • May 20 was the only day in May with 2 quakes over 6.0.
  • The daily May eq. average not including May 3rd or 20th counts was 2.89 eq’s. per day.

Particulars: A 6.0 struck Italy, and a 6.3 struck Japan. Both locations were within 10 degrees of the same line of latitude as the eclipse maximum.

Earthquake Magnitude Values for May 20th’s other 10 eq’s over 5.0. Please recall what I meant by preponderance and tendency.

  • 3 at 5.0
  • 4 at 5.1
  • 1 at 5.3
  • 1 at 5.6

The last one of the day measured 5.2 and it occurred at 22:21:03.55. The eclipse maximum happened at 23:53:54.

Source: USGS



Particulars: 2 volcanoes located near the middle of the earth and the color yellow.


The Sun
Even the sun managed to highlight the day in more ways than one. Relative to a few days before and since May 20th, the sunspot count peaked at 124 on the 20th. Since May 20th the sunspot count has plummeted to 73, as of the publication date of this report. An interpanetary shock wave associated with the M5-class solar flare of May 17th swept across the Earth on May 20th at 0200 UT.

The shock’s arrival caused geomagnetic activity around the poles, and several outbreaks of high-latitude auroras. As a result the geomagnetic index also spiked that day to 13 or the highest index reading since May 9th. The Earth’s index of magnetic fluctuations rises and falls largely in response to material ejected from the sun during a solar flare.


First named storm of 2012 Atlantic hurricane season has formed


The Asylum


Comparing May 20th’s Themeplex with that of December 21st

Please note the Yin Yang Symmetry between the themeplexes.

5/20/2012: Kin 252

  • Tone Number = 5
  • Guide = Sun = 20 = AFN 5
  • Central = Human = 12 = AFN 2
  • Analog = Hand = 7 = AFN 2
  • Antipode = Wind = 2 = AFN 2
  • Quasi = Water = 9 = AFN 4


12/21/2012: Kin 207

  • Tone Number = 12
  • Guide = Storm = 19 = AFN 4
  • Central = Hand = 7 = AFN 2
  • Analog = Human = 12 = AFN 2
  • Antipode = Earth = 17 = AFN 2
  • Quasi = Jaguar = 14 = AFN 4

Tone numbers and months are offset by 7 (12-5=7) so as to give us our 5 to 7 ratio.

  • Guides: The Sun and Storm are known as analogs meaning they are like two sides of the same coin, or perfect compliments.
  • Central and Analog elements merely switch positions for they are also analogs.
  • Antipode elements Earth and Wind are also analogs.
  • Quasi elements Water, Jaguar, and Storm belong to the same archetypal family.

The number 252 is divisible by 17 factors while the number 207 by 5. There is our 5/7 again, both in the kin numbers, and in the number of divisors per number.

Finally please note that May’s eclipse has the dates 20th and 21st associated with it. As if to affirm the year’s 2 most significant dates, and to point toward December 21st, or the complimentary closure date to a grand cycle of time.

Published on June 2nd, 2012, Tzolkin Date: kin 5 The Red 5 Serpent

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