Beyond Jung and All Guess Work: An Introduction To The Art and Science of Synchronicity

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What you are about to read is a brief introduction to “The Art and Science of Synchronicity” .

In other articles I have begun to elaborate on how Mesoamerican Calendrics (MAC) is not a calendar system as the rest of the World understand calendars.

The core component of the MAC system, the Tzolkin calendar is best understood as a calendrical code that maps very subtle evolutive processes and cycles inherent in, and propagated by the very fabric of space-time itself.

We have all heard and perhaps even said, “things happen for a reason”, though we don’t really know what those ultimate reasons might be.

My work on the Tzolkin Cycle and Code shows how all phenomena is related and synchronized, right down to the smallest events you experience in your every day life. Not a single detail about our lives is random. What we sometimes experience as synchronicity are the obvious, “in your face” kind of events. Countless synchronicities happen every day across every scale.

The Tzolkin Code reveals those synchronicities. Synchronicity is not just some meaningless curiosity, but rather evidence of the self-organizing principles inherent in all energy-matter configurations. Energy-matter that you and I are composed of. Energy-matter that behaves according to a few simple rules governing the attractive and repulsive forces existing between all entities, organic and inorganic.

Rules that you can learn and apply to optimize your experience, comprehension and appreciation of life. Many of us intuitively sense that there is some grander overall purpose behind what happens. I can’t say what the “ultimate purpose” is, but my synthesis points to a self-organizing, self balancing dynamic, acting throughout the entire human socio-cultural body, and its purpose is greater integration rather than greater disintegration.

Given the state of world and local affairs one is more apt to think that chaos rules the world. It is very likely that we are witnessing an intermediate stage of human socio-cultural development as it transitions from a fragmented, enthnocentric, and confused collection of competing interests to a better informed, cooperative, and demilitarized Planetary Culture.

The Tzolkin Code reveals the principles behind synchronicity and the self-balancing mechanism I speak of. Many indicators are pointing toward the beginning of such a self-balancing process, and those reading this are likely to witness unprecedented socio-cultural changes in the months and years ahead.

Toward A Holistic Cosmology

“Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” – Albert Einstein

scientific cosmology

Cosmos: the universe seen as a well ordered whole.

I will expand upon that definition by saying that the human socio-culture universe is wholly integrated within the “well ordered whole”. The Tzolkin Calendar Code reveals the order of the “well ordered whole” inclusive of the human domain. The information I will be relating does indeed support Einstein’s ” invisible piper” view of the Cosmos.

Physical cosmologies seek to understand the origin, composition, function, and developmental dynamics of the universe.

I propose a holistic cosmology that seeks to understand and explain the origin, composition, function, and developmental dynamics of the human socio-cultural universe as an integrated function of the universe itself. For more details please see Toward a Universal and Holistic Cosmology.


Universalizing the Tzolkin
The Tzolkin Calendar Code is no more Mesoamerican than the science of genetics is British. We don’t know which Mesoamerican group discovered the Tzolkin Cycle. Some group or individual in ancient Mesoamerica discovered, mapped, codified, and tracked the cycles that comprise the Tzolkin Calendar Code.

A tremendous feat as this phenomena has escaped the awareness of every other culture on the planet! The Tzolkin component of the MAC system is better understood as a holistic cosmology applicable to everyone regardless of what beliefs one may hold, or where one may live. The knowledge underpinning the Tzolkin facet of MAC is not a faith based system.

It is a self-verifiable evidence based knowledge base of how nature, the world, and human society is organized at the micro, meso, and macro-scales. My work on the Art and Science of Synchronicity is a work in progress, and part of that work is to empirically substantiate all of the various claims and points made in this introduction. The science of synchronicity is a sub-field of Tzolkin Cosmology. 

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Day Confusion
Certain ancient cultures possessed coherent big picture understanding of how the universe is ordered, inclusive of human society.
In particular the Asian I Ching and the MAC Tzolkin remain unrivaled in their modeling of how the Universe’s most fundamental properties and processes are made manifest as the development and evolution of life from a naked hand-eye perspective.

Modern science has yet to reconcile and organize its knowledge base into a simple, compact user friendly cosmological model that enables the individual to understand his or her place in the cosmos along with a sense of how reality is organized at the human scale of naked-eye perception. The I Ching and the Tzolkin are precise and complete models of how time, energy-matter and events organize and interplay at the human level.

It should be noted that the 64 part Asian I Ching system has been correlated with the 64 part genetic codon system. And I have correlated the Tzolkin Code with the genetic code.  Those two ancient cultures knew something about nature that we are only beginning to rediscover.

The Tzolkin Code encapsulates the fundamental principles underpinning what we call synchronicities. It is the underlying pattern and framework that Jung spoke of as being necessary to exist if synchronicities were to be more than chance coincidence events obeying the “law of large numbers”.

The Tzolkin Code is relevant to everyone for it reveals the order to the flow and quality of events surrounding the evolution and development of our individual and social lives and of the greater body known as humanity. The entire body of knowledge that I have accumulated since the 2000 and the Tzolkin Code itself is known as Tzolkin Cosmology.

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  1. Rod Lloyd

    I am interested in how the Tzolkin worldview aligns with the I Ching. I am a longtime student of the I Ching, and have experienced its ability to “open the door” to synchronicity many times. Thank you Rohaan.

    • Rohaan Solare

      I too am familiar with the I Ching. The person responsible (Jose Arguelles) for the Tzolkin model that I have used to develop Tzolkin Cosmology supposedly integrated the I Ching with the Tzolkin. The problem is that I can’t find a satisfactory explanation for his correlation. From my personal experience I would have to say that there must be a way to relate the two.

  2. Bob Conway

    I Ching is; just like Taro, astrology, numerology, etc.; a handy framework upon which the human subconscious intuitive function can build stories and bring them into conscious awareness. Read that in one of Brugh Joy’s books. It rang true to me back then (ca. 1989) and still rings true today.

  3. Hi. I’m so intrigued by all this. I was hoping to interest you in my book, Reality Check. In it you’ll find some monumental coincidences surrounding my life that lead me to write it. Contact me if you’d like the PDF

  4. A clock story, yes! My Dad and Mom’s 22nd anniversary was 5-15-1959. At that time, Dad was rearinmlly ill with cancer. Knowing he was approaching death, he purchased a beautiful “anniversary clock” for Mom, one of those lovely clocks that has a glass dome over it, and with pendulums inside the dome that twirl around, back and forth in the circular motion. He gave the clock to my aunt to keep for Mom just in case he wasn’t still there to give it to her. But he was, and on their 22nd anniversary, he gave Mom their anniversary clock, which she loved. It kept beautiful time, and was sitting on the fireplacemantle. 14 days later, Dad died at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. He died at age 42, on Sunday night, 5-24-1959, at 9:50pm. The next day, all of us noticed that the hands of the clock were stopped at 9:50. My grandfather tried to re-set it, but it refused to run. For several years after Dad’s death. Mom took the clock to clock-makers, but no one could get it to keep running, and it always stopped at 9:50. I inherited the clock when Mom died, and took it to a friend whose lifelong hobby has been making clocks. He couldn’t get the clock to work. So I have it on a closet shelf, and the hands are sitting at 9:50. None of the clock experts were ever able to explain why the mechanisms wouldn’t work. But I cherish it. Other synchronicities are that Dad died in ’59, at 9:50, and his reduced name namber is 59 cjc

  5. Lea

    That is a interesting story and sincronicity …maybe his way of communicating .

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