Tzolkin Cosmology: A New Way To See And Experience The World

Constructing and Deconstructing Reality Constructs

A CRC is comprised of concepts describing how we think the phenomenal world operates. It is how we explain the how, when, and why of what happens, has happened, or will happen to or between entities.  Welcome to the tenuous world of causality, or cause-effect.


The Illusory Sense of Separation

Puddle by M.C. Escher

The hidden assumption of Western rationalism is that what we call reality could not be so intimately and meaningfully connected to our mere thoughts. Many of us have experiences to the contrary, even though we may not know the full meaning of the synchronicity, nor know how it works in exact scientific detail.

Discoveries in physics over the last 75 years have begun to reveal that the observer is an integral feature of the experiment, and must be accounted for as part of the experimental set. Physics has discovered many other curiosities about nature that cannot be explained by our classical understanding of causality. [4]

The topic of synchronicity opens up a can of worms of Biblical proportions for it begins to question some of the Western world’s most basic assumptions and subconscious attachments to our ideas about time, cause-effect, the nature of reality, and the Universe at large. It also calls into question our notions of God, chance, gender-social roles, destiny, free will, personal responsibility, and the concept of culpability among others.

A Fractured and Traumatized Worldview

It is for the reasons mentioned that I feel it important to first examine what I call the decrepit, crumbling, and fractured mental house of Western Civilization. Tzolkin Cosmology cannot be fully understood until the perceptual roadblocks inherent in Western thought are deconstructed and dispensed with. Therefore I believe it is necessary to review a few crucial aspects of the Western World’s CRC.

The CRC of the Western worldview is fraught with mental blind spots and ideological landmines of every sort. I do not have a single reservation about singling out the Western worldview as the most ideologically incoherent, and as the most incompatible with the natural world.

Those of you familiar with World history and aware of the role that Western civilization has played and continues to play around the world should have no argument with my position.  Western Civilization begins with the birth of civilization in Mesopotamia.  It’s ideological and cultural roots lie there.

To be fair, the typical present day Western worldview (WW) is now a dizzying amalgam of hundreds of interpenetrating and competing worldviews. And unfortunately most of them stem from the same core cultural matrix of incoherent and artificial ideas about nature and the nature of reality.

  • The Western world’s legacy of environmental indifference should be obvious to all.
  • Does over 38,000 Christian denominations qualify as a fragmented spiritual worldview? [5]
  • Does over 200 Western branded political ideologies qualify as factionalized socio-political worldview?[6]
  • Does over 200 streams of philosophical thought qualify as a fractured philosophical worldview?[7]
  • Physics, the self proclaimed “king of the sciences” is mired in dozens of theories about how to explain the essential nature of energy-matter and its attendant phenomena. [8]

I believe that such fragmentation is due to the fact that the foundation of the WW is askew and therefore everything built atop a faulty foundation is in turn off kilter to one degree or another. This is not to say that Western science as a whole is amiss. The many branches of science have discovered many useful, beneficial and accurate descriptions of nature.

What I am saying is that Western Cosmology as a whole is in a quandary, and that its inability to arrive at consensus is hampered by some of the most insidious and hidden assumptions of the Western World’s core reality construct.

Ideological Coherence Among “Primitives”?

In contrast, the cultures of Mesoamerica possessed a singular worldview spanning their entire cultural spectrum.

In other words they could relate the principles of nature (science) with the principles of society (socio-political science), and thus unite their worldview into a seamless continuity of being within the whole of nature.

The result was a holistic cosmology and the entire social order functioned by it. For more on what is meant by holistic cosmology see Toward a Holistic and Universal Worldview.

The worldview of the cultures in question was developed over 3500 years ago. I am referring to the cultures of Mesoamerica, or present day Mexico and Central America. The Aztecs, Toltecs, Zapotecs and Maya being the most well known of 80 or so groups inhabiting pre-columbian Mesoamerica.

The Western Worldview on the other hand has been anti-nature and anti-other ever since its inception around 6000 years ago in the deserts of the Middle East. Western culture has for “ungodly” reasons viewed itself as somehow separate from nature. 

As though it were somehow unique and set apart from the rest of “creation”. Let’s just say that the Judeo-Christian Culture Complex (JCCC) has set itself apart from all other cultures of the world by being anti-nature at the core of its philosophical roots.

It should be acknowledged that the Europeans possessed nature based worldviews prior to the imposition of Judeo-Christianism. 

Nature based worldviews have been systematically snuffed out by the steamroller advance of the JCCC. A question arises. What is the classical worldview of the West based on if not nature? The West’s worldview is an urban based worldview. 

The City is the center of the West’s worldview. The City is an artificial environment where the laws of the land are man-made to suit the whims of the city lords. This is what I refer to as the plague of urbanization.

The invading Christianized Europeans burned all but 4 Mesoamerican manuscripts, and they destroyed their cultures.

And in the process they forced those who survived the ongoing massacres and genocide to convert to the Judeo-Christian worldview. [10] The Christianized Romans did the same to all of Europe.

The Europeans in turn have exported the JCCC to all the countries they have colonized (infected). So when I speak of the core Western worldview, I am speaking about the imposed Judeo-Christian worldview

A worldview distanced from nature could not possibly understand the workings of nature, and therefore could never be expected to arrive at an integrated worldview of humanity within the whole of nature. The result of such a dysfunctional worldview is the horrendous socio-environmental predicament we find ourselves in at this very moment.

The Western worldview is lopsided, fragmented, and essentially insane. Judeo-Christian ideology lies at the foundation of Western Science, and that means that Western science could not help but be tainted by it. Its non-integrated worldview of things could never be expected to put all of the pieces together in order to arrive at an accurate understanding of how our reality is organized. My approach is akin to the removal of an obsolete computer operating system so that a new and improved version may be installed in its place.


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  1. Laurie Tysinger

    Synchronicity does not call to question my own personal notion of “God”, for to me, Synchronicity IS God, or at the very least, a major manifestation, or aspect thereof!

    Thank you for all this brilliant work, Rohaan, and for this most excellent definition clarifying a very basic (though largely unknown) principle of the universe!

    • Rohaan Solare

      Thank you Laurie. If the concept of God is useful to you then it is something only you can define.

      • Laurie Tysinger

        Well, many do describe their “guiding force” as “God”, so since Synchronicity is my guiding force it could be described as “God”.

  2. Rader

    Have you done a sychronic study on James DeMeo work S A H A R A S I A?
    The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse,
    Sex-repression, Warfare and Social Violence,
    In the Deserts of the Old World

    Evidence for a Worldwide,
    Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern
    in Human Behavior

    James DeMeo, PhD

    His work fits in “The Parable of the a Elephant and the three blind men. Lying on his back under the striding elephant he conjectures the horizon is not circular but more like a rhomboid.

    In what year did you 1st research his work?
    He ha seen around a long time his studies.

    • Rohaan Solare

      I have not done a synchronic study on DeMeo’s Saharasia. I first came across his work in 2001.

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