A Decoding of Martin Luther King’s Tzolkin Signature

the-victors-gym-blog-martin-luther-king-dayA demonstration of how Tzolkin Cosmology relates to personality.

According to Tzolkin Cosmology (TC) each human being is a facet, stage, or state of the Tzolkin cycle process.

A facet, stage, or state of the Tzolkin cycle sequence being what we experience as a day-night cycle. Facet, stage, state, or day are used interchangeably when discussing the Tzolkin’s operational process.

The Tzolkin Cycle may be described as a pattern generating process, and it seems that human beings are the single most complex pattern it can generate. Each facet/day/stage/state of the Tzolkin process has distinct attributes. The primary attributes of any given day-night cycle are defined by the corresponding Tzolkin date themeplex.

According to TC we embody the attributes of the day we are born on. A themeplex is composed of 5 archetypes and a tone. For display purposes the 5 archetypes are laid out in a cross pattern. There is a central archetype surrounded by 4 complimentary archetypes. See Kin/themeplex 252 below.

The central archetype is the day’s name. Each archetype possesses 3 key attributes. In effect we embody all of the archetypes of our birthday themeplex, but we exhibit the attributes of the central archetypes to the greatest degree, and that is why the day is named after the central archetype.

The central archetype of the day is the most dominant or prominently expressed set of archetypal qualities.

For example Martin Luther King was born on Jan 15, 1929 or Tzolkin date Kin 252, the 5 Human. The number that precedes a Tzolkin date refers to its position in a specific 13 day tone cycle. The tone cycle numbers also have more descriptive names. For example, the 5th tone is known as the Radiant tone. MLK’s birthday themeplex follows.

T- 252 CWhen combined with this tone, it means we could also write Kin 252 as the Radiant Human.

There are 3 aspects to a Tzolkin date name which is the same as saying a person’s Tzolkin signature or birthday themeplex.

There is the color of the day, the tone name or number and the archetype. Each aspect imparts its specific attributes.

MLK’s Tone: The 5th or Radiant tone is defined by its 3 key attributes – empowers, commands, and radiance. The tone number is designated by the bar above the top most element in the themeplex. Maya numerical notation is used to designate the tone of the day.

MLK’s Archetype: The Human is the 12th element of the 20 day archetypal, cycle and it is characterized by the 3 key attributes of wisdom, influence, and free will. 

MLK’s Color: His color is yellow. The color of the day is determined by the color of the central archetype. So MLK’s complete Tzolkin signature would be the Yellow Radiant Human.

Within Tzolkin Cosmology the color yellow is symbolic of fullness, brilliance, ripeness, flowering, radiance, beauty, fire/fiery, and illumination, as well as any other words that are synonymous with the aforementioned descriptors. 

Thus far, it should not be too difficult to see how the attributes of the Yellow Radiant Human apply to MLK. But it is also clear that they are insufficient to describe his, or anybody else’s entire personality complex.

MLK's Color familyIn all there are 9 layers of Tzolkin Cosmology that speak to human personality constitution. Too many to adequately address in this sample article, so I will only touch on the 5 most telling layers here. Thus far, we’ve looked at his tone, color, and central archetype.

There are 4 color families within TC, and there are 5 archetypes per family.

In essence, we embody all of the attributes of our given color family, but we embody the central archetype that coincided with our birth to the greatest degree.

Please note the name of each archetype in the image for there are attributes implicit in the name of the archetype as well. For example the Warrior

There is no question that MLK was a warrior. He fought for human rights and social justice.

Birthday themeplex: 

Earlier I mentioned that we embody all of the archetypes of our birthday themeplex. We know that the MLK’s central themeplex archetype is the Human and if we refer to the image of Kin/themeplex 252 we see that the Sun, the Wind, the Water and the Hand are all part of his birthday themeplex.

The attributes of the Sun are listed next to the Sun in the color family image above.   The attributes of the Water archetype are flow, purification, and lunation.  You will note that some archetypes and their descriptors are somewhat abstract while others are more concrete.

The key attributes of the Hand and the Wind are listed in the next image which also happens to be the last layer of Tzolkin Cosmology that I will be discussing in this article.

Archetypal familyy number 2MLK belongs to archetypal family number 2. There are 5 archetypal number families so that means that there are 4 archetypes per family.

Each person also belongs to an archetypal number family and the attributes of each member also apply to our personality description.

With regards to the Wind we know that MLK was a communicator extraordinaire and a spiritual man.  The Hand archetype is a reference to scholars (knows) and healers. MLK was both.

Additional information on this topic will be released once my exposition and tutorial on Tzolkin Cosmology is published in the Spring of 2014. More introductory content on Tzolkin Cosmology can be found here.



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