Anticipating Personal and Collective Shifts: Personal and Universal Tzolkin Cycles

1656117_1460478014175019_1228344796_nThe science of Time and Change according to Tzolkin Cosmology can predict when we can expect significant shift type events at the personal and collective scales.

The posters in this album define the principle at work (axiom STC-1) and I list some common shift type events.

I also provide the method and tools by which to self-verify this aspect of TC.

Now bear in mind that there are various personal and collective life cycles at work.

This demonstration uses only two of our most significant life cycles.

There is another major shift point coming up and that the June solstice.

Use this Tzolkin date converter to covert Gregorian dates to Tzolkin dates.

Use this Gregorian date calculator to easily generate Gregorian calendar dates.

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Anticipating Shift Events 1

Anticipating Shift Events 2

Anticipating Persoanal and Collective shifts

anticipating persoanl and collective shifts 4

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