Axiom TC-4: The approach of and entrance into cyclical renewal is always marked by signifying changes…

This page houses axiom TC-4  and the studies and examples that demonstrate how it manifests in accord with Tzolkin Cosmology (TC).  The science of time and change according to Tzolkin Cosmology can predict when we can expect significant shift type events at the personal and collective scales.

The slides in the first part of this post defines the principle at work (axiom TC-4) and I list some common shift type events at the personal scale. I also provide methods and tools to help you self-verify this aspect of TC. But please bear in mind that there are various personal and collective life cycles at work. This demonstration uses only two of our nine most significant life cycles. 

The second part of this post highlights axiom TC-4 in relation to the collective events of the last 8 Tzolkin cycles since October of 2008. Tracking the Tzolkin cycle will enable you to verify what I mean by cycle juncture shift events. The most notable shifts with regards to Tzolkin cycle tracking happen every 52 days and near the end/start of each Tzolkin cycle.

If this is your first encounter with an axiom page then please read the introductory text.

Introductory Text

As I create studies and find new examples related to axiom TC-4 I will list them here. After several updates I will publish a post with anchor links to each new demonstration instead of publishing a new page for each new set of studies and examples.

That will minimize my postings. These studies will only make sense to those using my exposition and tutorial on Tzolkin Cosmology. I have formulated the axioms of TC based on over 5000 days of observations and numerous studies, but I have yet to publish every study or example found in my archives.

Please don’t count the small number of published studies and examples against me. Once my exposition is out I will devote more time to publishing them. More importantly my exposition includes the tools you need to self-verify my claims.

Notes: those of you attempting to validate this or other aspects of TC must bear in mind that the elements of the incoming Tzolkin day-night cycle begin to make their presence felt around 3PM. The later into the afternoon and evening then the likelier it is that the events will correspond to the codes of the incoming day.

Another thing to bear in mind is that 5 to 10 percent of cases will be manifestations of the the tone cycle anchor themeplex. When an event does not correspond to the day’s themeplex refer to the incoming day’s themeplex if the event took place after 3pm. If neither of those references correspond then refer to the tone cycle anchor themeplex.

If it too does not correspond then one of two things is happening. It takes time to learn the language of Tzolkin Cosmology and you may not yet be able to read the more subtle aspects of TC.

The second possibility is that the event falls into 5 to 10 percent of cases in which the correspondence is not clear no matter how you look at it. That does not mean that TC is in error. It means something else that I explain in my exposition. Please feel free to consult me when you encounter events that you can’t reconcile with the code.

Section 1: Anticipating Personal
and Collective Shifts in Relation to to Axiom TC-4

The slides in this section are a tally of global events that have concurred with last 8 Tzolkin cycle junctures since October of 2008.

You will also find links between the slides that take you to related articles for more details and links to my sources.

 Click images to enlarge.

Axiom TC-4 intro & self verification

Use this Tzolkin date converter to covert Gregorian dates to Tzolkin dates.

Use this Gregorian date calculator to easily generate Gregorian calendar dates.

Axtion TC-4 intro & self verifcation pg2

Section 2: Applying Axiom TC-4
to the Last 8 Tzolkin Cycles since October 2008

The slides in this section are a tally of global events that have concurred with last 8 Tzolkin cycle junctures since October of 2008.

You will also find links between the slides that take you to related articles for more details and links to my sources.

It’s easy to fact check any of my
dates simply search the headlines I use.

Use this date converter to verify Tzolkin dates.

Axiom TC-4 Tzolkin CJs pg 1

 Axiom TC-4 Tzolkin CJs pg 2

The events that accompanied start of Tzolkin cycle 6 or the last Tzolkin cycle of 2012 seem to indicate that punctuate as defined by the first and third definition in the image below is a universal phenomena. In particular pay attention to the origin of the word and its root meaning “to bring to a point”. 


The concept of punctuate is exemplified by the annular eclipse that accompanied the events of May 20th, 2012 or the closure of the precessional cycle according to the Toltecan Zenith Cosmology as described by John Major Jenkins. 

When I saw the following image of that eclipse the idea of punctuate came to mind. The end of an age was brought to a point.  In the two links provided on the events of May 20th I introduce the concept of Yin-Yang symmetry (YYS) and I show how the May 20th and the D21-2012 events are related according to YYS.

eclipse at sundown texas Jacob Thumberger There is some glitch in my wordpress software that does not allow me to
uniformly color my links. Some are black and some are colored.
Links are in bold lettering.

The Dragon Roars! The Last Tzolkin Cycle of 2012 Entered with a Bang

Cosmic Convergence: May 20th’s Ring of Fire and Its Connection to December 21st 2012

May 20th, 2012 Targeting a New World Age:
At the Cross Roads of Cosmic and Earthly Synchronicity

The end of Tzolkin cycle 6 brought closure to the Maya Long Count cycle of 13 baktuns and it too was accompanied punctuating events. Links to articles on the cycle juncture events between Tzolkin cycle 6 pre-D21-2012 and cycle 1 post-D21-2012 are after the next slide.

Axiom TC-4 Tzolkin CJs pg 3

February 15th 2013: Four Exceptional Meteor Events in One Day!

February 11, 2013: The Pope, His Resignation,
the Lightning strike and their Relationship to Tzolkin Cosmology

February 12, 2013: North Korea
Atomic Blast and Einstein are Expression of kin 260.

YY symmetry is exemplified by contrasting the kinds of the events that concurred with the entrance and exit of Tzolkin cycle 6.

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