FAQs on section 10: Detecting the Tones

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FAQS Detecting the tones

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  1. Jennifer Nichols

    Addressing the issue of Tones 4 and 8, in relation to the other 11 Tones of the Tzolkin cosmology.
    Tone in my understanding is the universes heartbeat and the overall melody by which the universe pulsates. At times it is only a soft breath, at others a loud thunder clap ratting ones very core. I work closely with the number four and strive to understand its fullest meanings. I find this very interesting and I am bearing in mind that 4 and 13 are considered key code numbers in Tzolkin cosmology.
    On p. 107, The Tones 1-4; Tone 4 is stated as one of the most difficult tones to detect / discern. While looking at the chart it occurred to me that Tone 4 maybe such ( difficult ), because it is made up of the 3 proceedings tones, along with the corresponding attributes associated with each day – which would leave open a wide array of harmonic possibilities – that being an accumulative reality imprint of those proceeding 3 tones. Tone 4 is described as “Form”; I say form manifested through vibrations of the three previous tones. Tone 4 I think fluctuates in nature and thus should be perceived, detected and discerned in fluctuating perception. Somewhat like the hologram mentioned (the 2 lights and film- the 3 tones; resulting in the image, 4th tone) I will further hypothesize that the 8th Tone is a polarization of the 4th tone given the imprint of the tones 5-7 on the 4th tone, again fluctuating in nature.
    In regards to Tone 12, I would surmise that it is a finalization of previous tones as reflected through Tone 4 and Tone 8 combine. Tone 13 being the day of slow down, pause and regrouping of the hermetic energies. No form, slightly chaotic in nature, as there is no direction.
    I hope this may give you a different perception and further your thought into the matter.

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